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We Come in Peace



A community of Advanced and Advancing souls

We come in peace. Some call us an anti virus, some call us glitches, others call us keepers of light, shamans, star seeds, indigo’s, crystal, blue ray, prophets, messiahs, gurus, black sheep.  The label doesn’t matter. The outcome does. When we arrive Peaceful evolution is inevitable.    We seek to liberate you from fear and offer understanding of  love and the truth of your multidimensional nature.   We show up when a species needs to advance for the sake of the entire cosmos. 

 We have come from all over the galaxy to assist different races in their spiritual evolution  and remembrance of their connection with spirit.  We arrive from source, we have had different incarnations on many planets, different spaces in time.  Each one our mission was learn, adapt, evolve, love.  We have had different forms. Each form needed to blend in with the people of that density. Formless we are, as are all things in nature. Wisdom we have brought from the stars and wisdom we continue to gain from the stars. Our aim is spiritual remembrance of unity and love. We have come to remind you of the truth. Of the one great wisdom,Of the light within your being. The light that sustains all . We have come to assist in Peaceful Human Advancement. 



Have you had Out of Body Experiences? Moments of Telepathy? Vivid or Lucid Dreams? Contact with spiritually advanced beings? If so,YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We are spiritual beings that exist multidimensionally for eons our inner light has been dimmed. NOW Its time to shine. We would LOVE to hear your testimony of any non physical multidimensional experience you have had. Our intention is Peaceful Human Advancement through awareness of self and conscious evolution.


With your permission after you email us your testimony we will share these experiences  on this website and instagram so that others may see that this part of humanity is real and is happening.

*** If you would like to add your social media or email to connect with others let us know and we will add it to your testimonial.***

We look  to create a ripple effect that will bring about Peaceful Human Advancement from a fear based 3rd density vibration to a love based 5th density and beyond... Within our lifetime 

Keep Beaming Friends!

My testimony of the first full awareness/ conscious multidimensional lucid dream/ contact I ever had. 

I had meditated for three hours prior, I knew I had reached a new frequency when I heard what sounded like multiple cones vibrating against each other in this sort of symphony. Like the interesting end of a rattlesnake. It got louder and louder and more and more part of me. I slipped into a state that made me feel as if there was nothing besides this all the time, and only our ability to choose between what was in our prioritized senses was what affected us to see-hear- or feel this place. 

I started seeing colors and shapes primarily greens blues up to indigo. My first instinct was that my third eye was opening. And I instantly felt a warm tingly sensation in that location. I decided to get more comfortable where I was laying.

I could already feel my body slipping into a very deep meditative state and it was just almost a subconscious action to get into a position where I could easily fall asleep.

I started seeing colors and geometric shapes behind my third eye and within minutes I felt intense vibration and tingling sensations all over my skin. And I could feel a similar feeling to when you get lost in a daydream. I can describe it as the silver lining. I didn’t end up leaving my body. But I slipped into a lucid dream almost immediately. And I remember lending in a place that looked like a abandoned city. I looked directly at a clock tower as it struck midnight and started ringing. Crows flew overhead and I watched them as they flew by I remember being approached by other beings in this room that I feel were projections of my fears at the time.

I decided to take a massive leap of faith and leave this dream because it felt full of fear. So I jumped as hard as I could and I flew into the sky. I closed my eyes in this interdimensional body and saw nothing but white and visualize the more pleasant dream to exist within. I landed in a space that reminded me of a shopping center. And I could not help but feel like I was being observed followed or watched. I ended up going into a changing room after observing my environment for quite some time and trying to pinpoint where this feeling was coming from only to be Eye 2 Eye with an extra terrestrial that was well above 7 foot tall. And had a skin similar to the color aqua. He sparkled a little bit almost like if he was nothing but light. His eyes were brown like mine but the pupils were rectangle. And that was odd. But I felt no fear, I felt familiar, and safe.

It felt like I knew him. He didn’t say a word. He leaned forward and I began to float. I was off the ground and the dream was 

Now nothing but white. It was he hovering above me. I remember feeling something like a beam of light coming through me horizontally in a scanning motion. From the crown to the tips of my toes. I remember feeling every cell in my body the condition of my organs, my heart beat and the entire organism that is my body present itself to me as an assistant through this experience. I felt shifted. He then proceeded to place his index fingers on two points on my armpits while my arms where up completely and I felt euphoric energy fill my being. In waves that with them carried the harmonies I had heard before but this time in angelic voices. The frequency got higher and higher and I felt like I was overflowing with love. After this my awareness was opened back into the space and he stood upright keeping direct eye contact while I floated upright parallel to his body. He lifted a hand towards me and then faded from the reality of that experience. The room still white I breathed back into my Body and opened my eyes with my arms directly above my head. Laying perfectly centered in the middle of my bed like if I was actually moved that way. I was very confused at first because I thought it was a dream- but the more I thought about it I knew it was just the beginning of something else.


Last night I went to sleep per usual. As I was falling asleep I envisioned looking into the sun with one eye and the moon with the other. Receiving both polarities and energy of both. This was very powerful. The next thing that happened is one of the most amazing experiences I have had, and I feel led to share with you all: 

Dream/vision/Lucid Dream about meeting an ET named Argulus.  

Trust, White ship made of energy ethereal 

I dreamt( noticed ) that Anne and I were hiking or at a new home. I went out and decided to go to a small mountain or Hill covered in grass and look around. In the sky appeared a white almost translucent ship. The energy of the ship could be felt as if it were alive. It was very evident that it was a ufo 🛸 it then burst or it seemed to, at will disintegrate into pieces. I wondered what had happened to the occupants and as I saw the pieces falling to earth, I knew that they were in there. Or the occupants WERE the ship and its pieces.

I was excited to see that one of the pieces fell right next to me about a few yards away near a tree!!

I went over to see it and there were a few ppl there who told me they knew that the ET’s where real and had been looking for them ( nice kind ppl) I told them to follow me and took them to the top of the mountain.

We then saw another ship that did the same thing. 

I heard commotion down below, so I went down and a bunch of people where chattering. Then in the crowed I saw him... he had been very short, with bluish grey skin and big head, he had bluish eyes with an iris where the white part of our eyes is, his was bluish, dark purple even ? I greeted him and told everyone to relax and let me talk to him ( he seemed a bit nervous but trusting and confident ) I approached him as an equal and in peace 

The second we made eye contact, we began to communicate. Out of all the people in the crowed he kept his eyes locked on me, as if to say that he knows me or trust me. And I felt almost pulled into him not physically but there was a deep trust and recognition, I knew I could trust him and immediately felt his life nature. 

I walked over to him and he smiled, he said (telepathically) come with me, and took my hand. I remember that moment, and thinking with my heart racing yet steady, this is actually happening. I’m holding hands with them.!!! 

As we were walking he told me ( telepathically ) that he has noticed the work with PCI. 

We entered a room just him and I, and it felt like we were waiting for someone, so I asked him why he is here. Then  there was someone in the room who did not feel well, Argulus, put his hand on the persons third eye and then made an upside down Y on down the persons body, he then pushed a few spots on the persons back and side. He asked the person if he felt better ( mentally ) I could sense or hear both peoples thoughts. 

The person was stunned and amazed... he was speechless  even in mind. 

Argulus looked back at me and smiled, I noticed him and I had the same hoodie on so I verbalized “same” same, as if I was talking to a baby 🤨Arugulus looked at me and smiled. 

I asked what his name was and I saw the image of him appear in my mind and the letters A-R-G-U-L-U-S appear next to him.

I asked him where he was from and why he was here again, I said “ mentally” as I got down to his level he was standing on a chair at this point, and said Argulus, all beings in the universe must tell the truth, truth is important. Instantly I felt a sense of he knows this, he put his hands on my head and said “do you want to know a secret, I’m not here” 

Instantly I was projected out of my body, and I could see Argulus become transparent, and I knew in that moment that had been his energy body, and I remember thinking he is in 2 places at once?!

I saw what appeared to be particles or brain neurons all around ! I went up... felt myself floating and saw Argulus become smaller as he faded away... 


Upon finishing this last sentence I realized that I had Astral traveled and met an ET being! This is why he said “ I’m not here “ he then by placing his hands on my head was able to send  my astral body  back to its body where I woke up...

⁃ The soul is a thought that can travel through the infinite brain 🧠... it is just as we have thoughts loaded with their own experiences and vibrations, we can see in the macro that the soul is a thought with its own experiences and vibrations.

⁃ The soul is connected to the body and spirit and is infinite. 

⁃ The soul is a thought in the infinite brain. 


There was a time where I fell asleep and started dreaming as per usual. My dreams begin with me just appearing in whatever dimension eye have chosen for the experience lol and in this instance, I was running away from a police force of some sort,(they looked just like regular human officers) and I remember going in a parking garage that was square shaped & had lots of levels. When I got to the top of the garage I realized that there were "obviously no more levels" to run to and I was like crap what am I gonna do. Mind you at this time I am still in control of where I am going and what I am doing.  Then I looked down from the top to see the ground from a tall height. I actually felt the fear someone would feel from jumping  and falling to the ground, and in that moment I remembered that I was dreaming &  have access to infinity so I literally grew wings out of my back and flew. Previously I forgot that I was dreaming because I have such clarity. It literally looks and feels the same to Me as a day to day experience while awake. But I remembered when I looked down, and all most felt  "helpless" and lost as to what to do next. Then I was like wait a minute, why would I be running from the police while awake? Then as I said, I grew the wings and that sensation was crazy & amazing because I could FEEL everything. I could feel the cells building the wings in my back and them extending from my skin. I could FEEL the air/wing through my hair and on my skin while I was flying just as it were in "real life" I knew that this was a reminder to myself that eye am capable of doing these things in "real life" too, as long as I discipline myself metaphysically, and mentally remove any beliefs that serve as blockages to my Merkaba.


Not an OBE but possible Lucid?


I dreamt of these ppl mostly 2 women who were on a show together. It felt like a show talking about their lives. One was an older woman who was helping the other woman thru addiction but I felt like she was getting better. The one who had the addiction was a well off woman who was making good money through the show but felt like the government was after her like on some crazy shit. Towards the end of the show it was like the older woman was narrating. The older woman said that she is now a mother and that the other woman had passed away due to an overdose leaving behind her small daughter. I remember feeling sad for her and picturing her funeral and how this happened. Then I thought of the government and how they prob conspired to make this happen. Maybe even put something in her drugs. As I'm thinking this I feel a presence in my room. It feels like I'm awake but I guess I was still sleeping. The presence was to the right side of me near my head. I had to look to the side and up and I couldn't see it clear but if felt like a female energy. My hand went out to touch it and I touched the lady's pants. She was kneeled on my bed. Her pants felt like work pants. I was just shocked that she was dense and I was able to feel that which scared me. She took my hand and at first it felt loving but I noticed that her face started to change and look old and evil and she wouldn't let go of my hand and I couldn't move. All I could think about was checking on my kids. I snatched my hand away but she wouldn't go away and in the dream I got out of bed and started spraying Florida water everywhere. And then I really woke up for real this time and I felt like her presence was still in the room and I asked archangel Michael to sweep this room and to sweep the house of any spirits and negative entities or energies in this home. I kept feeling my arm tingle like something was touching me and I wondered if it was archangel Michael or that scary woman. I'm writing this because I'm scared to close my eyes. It felt real. As I'm writing I'm still feeling like I'm being touched even as I ask my guides and archangel Michael to remove all spirits from my home. The lady had grey work pants and at first she seemed young but her face turned into like an old witch face.
I also just noticed that within the last 45 min an ex friend wrote me on my ig that she changed her number and wants me to give her my new number but I think it's weird that she hasn't realized that I un followed her on all social media. I just don't trust her and I feel like she has bad intentions.

Love and Light,
Maria Molina

Maria Molina

Lucid Dream/Vision

A while back I had fallen asleep at night and began to have a very vivid dream of a car accident where I had to assist in saving some of the passengers. In the dream I become aware that I was dreaming and realized that this was not happening in "the physical world" I remember thinking " i have to wake up to write this down!" this was not the first occasion where I reminded myself in the dream to wake up and write the events down before I forget them.  I was actually able to ask one of the people what there name was. They told me, and I woke myself up and quickly wrote down the vision. 

The next day, I was driving down our road in a small town in CT. I had never seen an accident in this town in a couple years of living here. As I was driving I was floored to see a car flipped over in a ditch! I immediately felt tingles all over my body as if to say " you have been here before" I stopped to ask if everyone was ok, and thankfully everyone was safe. I cant help but feel that there was some connection to me "saving" the individual in my vision and hearing that no one was hurt in waking life. Its almost as if I saved him from the future crash... amazing amazing...AMAZING. I really feel that once humans start using this aspect of themselves to move about reality without their physical body our specials will evolve ten fold. 

Life and Light 



Dream/Astral     5/30/14

About 3 months ago while half asleep/half awake I guess it's called lucid dream I experienced this total body vibration and a warming all over my body. It was hard to breathe because of this vibration. Being that this was new to me it terrified me so I called upon archangel Michael to help me and it stopped. As soon as I closed my eyes again the vibration happened again and I called archangel Michael again and it stopped. I haven't experienced this again until last night/early this morning at around 3:30am. 

It was as if one minute I was half awake trying to sleep and the next minute, rather second I'm experiencing this total body vibration, very warm all over, and I'm aware of my breaths. In my mind I said okay here we go again, breathe in and breathe out, archangel Michael please guide me and keep me safe. I wanted to know what this was all about. I expected to come out of body but I remained and it was total darkness. A loud ringing came thru my ears. The ringing sound of when spirit is close and with that sound came Weird sounds, and talking that I didn't understand, also weird eerie feelings then my legs kept being pushed off the bed and when I put them back they were pushed again. I'm not sure if it was actually happening or if it was in my dream because my eyes were closed. I don't remember specifics about what was going on. Darkness was still darkness but on goings were happening. My kids were there and were laughing or maybe I was hearing other children laugh, not sure. I came out of this state but kept going in about 4-5 times. I would come out, gather my thoughts, breathe, look at my sleeping children and then close my eyes and experience the warming vibration and concentrate on breathing. With the last experience a projector like thing came on. It was like I was watching it with my eyes open and although the screen was blurry, I saw what looked like the pages turning. Different events, ppl, daylight, it seemed like someone's life being replayed. The projector was the only light showing in this darkness. I woke up confused, but my heart was beating fast, and I was accepting this experience as spiritual growth. With meditation I will one day be able to understand what this means. Perhaps it was a look at a past life or different dimension. Or possibly could be me accessing the Akashic Records. 

Maria Molina

·        In some type of open world
·        So many different races and types of beings
·        I was with someone who knew so much more than I
·        Person was showing me around
·        We were going to the place with the eternal sun
·        This place required invitation to enter due to its extreme healing abilities
·        My friend/guide communicated with a race of feline like beings to grant me entry
·        The communication was telepathic but we were both able to see their physical appearance and words in our minds
·        They had beautiful white fur and lion like features
·        They were wearing purple robes and some type of golden crown
·        I was able to see the communication in my mind like some type of chat room log
·        “axx xxxx axx” (unable to fully remember so x’s will be used as fillers)
·        They responded with the same phrase back
·        Some type of greeting?
·        Friend/guide responded with two words “Axxxxx Xxxxx”
·        Two significant words
·        Asaeen?
·        Ashaeen?
·        Anasee?
·        Adonai?
·        Adsanee?
·        Once he responded with those two words, the lion beings translated all their communication into English and stayed that way from that point on
·        Some type of translating technology?
·        This is when I was informed of the eternal sun that healed
·        Underground?
·        We began walking down this curved staircase (phi ratio?)
·        Beautiful view
·        Shining sun directly overhead in the center
·        City, people, flying transport
·        Anything I looked at was described in detail directly into my mind by the Lion beings.
·        (Won-1-noW) @ixsibi

Issac Brambila

Ive had a few experiences that I can recall more than others. So I want to share 2 of the ones I remember like yesterday. It was about 3 years ago I was dreaming about something which i can't really remember all the details but what i do remember clearly is the moment i realised i was in a dream. I actually said to myself in the dream "oh shit im in a dream, its happening". I knew because i became conciousness of my body not being able to move but i was still seeing everything with my eyes closed in that dream setting. The first thought that came to me was, if this is a dream then i can do anything so i will fly. I suddenly started to float and before i know it i was flying over the ocean. I was flying at high speeds as i can see the water below me in such detail. Like i could almost touch it, thats how close i was flying over the water. After that i woke up but it felt so real. I question sometimes if it was just a lucid dream or i was in fact out of my body in an astral projection.

A second lucid dream i had, probably around the same time, maybe weeks apart. I remember chillin with my best friend when i realized i was in a dream again. This time i got excited because i knew i could probably make anything happen. I tell my boy in my dream, hey do u want a Ferrari? Hes like yea, so i snap my fingers and 2 ferraris materialized out of now where. So we both hop in the cars and drove around. It was fun because feeling the excitement as it was really happening in real life is amazing.


So when I was in college... I was definitely not in alignment with my highest self or soul mission. I was stressed out a lot of the time, and I definitely was barely dreaming / remembering my dreams. But one day I was laying on my bed to rest during the day,  and I remember almost instantly falling asleep because I was so exhausted from all my school work and what not. I remember as my body fell asleep, I starting almost hearing lots of different sounds/voices/frequencies all around, and then I saw almost like a spiral wormhole kind of thing that was flashing lots of different colors
I entered this "portal" and was launched onto another planet & for some reason had  this inner knowing that it was Mars
We were in what seemed like an underground tunnel system and asked the robot if I could have a tour of the place
He hastily said "no, we're really busy" and then the experience started to dissipate
While it was happening, everything was so incredibly vivid & felt extremely real
**the robot was who greeted me when I arrived there



My earliest dream that I can recall is one that I’ve had multiple times throughout my life. This dream is so vivid that even when I’m awake I can recall details from it, almost like a memory. I first had this dream at my old apartment in New York. I remember leaving the restroom and walking through my living room, past the kitchen and through a narrow hall to reach my parents bedroom. As I opened the door I see 4 figures facing away from me looking at the window. My relation to those four fingered I never understood but as I turned to look at the window it instantly shattered and what came straight for me was a bullet that passed right through my third eye. And then I wake up. And it’s always the same. 

There are times where I have these dreams so vivid and so familiar that I drive myself crazy sometimes at the sense of Deja Vu I get throughout my everyday life. I don’t know how often I say the words “this has happened before” I can recall things from dreams that have a direct link to something that happens to me while I’m awake. Almost like seeing a glimpse into my future. I use to suffer from an enormous amount of anxiety so when I realized that I was living something I had already seen through a dream I thought to myself maybe I’m still dreaming, and attempt to wake myself up.

I’ve come to realize now that I’m not alone in all of this. That there are people out there that understand and have similar experiences. And that there is more to this world than what we see in front of us.


Meditation vision

So basically what happened is when I meditated for a long enough time my consciousness like dove deeper into my mind and soul and I was in some sort of glass ball. When I exited the ball there was a large body of shallow water and there was a path in front of me. I looked around and there were other paths that were the same one I was on but just far away. I walked down the path and there was a large door with symbols on it, when the door opened there was a large open room with more symbols. I walked over to the alter that was in the middle of the room and there was a slate that fit right in the alter. When I placed it in, the room became dark and everything started glowing red and I saw 5-6 siloets of things in front of me that’s all I can remember from it though. 



In 2011 some major changes were taking place in my life. I had turned 19, rekindled a relationship and been invited to move out of my family home. In the August of that year I was living at my partners house with his family and we were staying in their front room while saving up to move into our first place together. The year before that had been a rollercoaster filled with extreme highs and lows; I had been diagnosed with depression but also had numerous visual and auditory hallucinations aswell as phantosmia. Phantosmia is smelling things that aren’t there, mine in particular was smelling burning. I would also see smoke regularly and multiple times I left a room in fear after seeing it fill up with smoke - only to be told that no one else could see it or smell it. I really thought I was insane. 
My depression faded away with all the new things I had to focus on and I found out I was pregnant in September 2011 - Me and my partner were over the moon. We were expecting our baby to arrive early June 2012, we were excited to start our lives together in our new home and prepare to be a 3. 
The happiness was short lived though as I miscarried later that year.. my sadness came back and it seemed like everything was falling apart. I had fallen quicker and deeper into depression than I had the year before and I would ask my self over and over why I wasn’t good enough, what I had done and I really really wanted to know “WHY”.
The smoke hallucinations persisted and my doctor put it down to my depression but roll forward to May 2012 and I believe I found my “why”; My mum had asked me to stay over at her house and watch my sister while they went to work over night. I had just started a new job and this would be the first time I had stayed there since I moved out months before.Me and my sister made a den on her floor with all the blankets and cushions off of her bed and we camped out there until my alarm went off at 7:00 the next morning. I snoozed my alarm for 10 minutes and stayed down there a bit longer.. I snoozed my alarm again but this time my stepdad knocked on the door to make sure I was getting up ready for work.. they had only just returned from work themselves. He went back downstairs and about 7:20 I jumped in the shower. Everything seemed fine when I got out but when I turned on the hairdryer in my mums room I could smell smoke, I turned the hairdryer off and examined it but as I looked up at the window I saw smoke curling in the sunlight.. it sent me into a panic as it usually did but this time I could HEAR fire. I went out onto the landing and the whole upstairs was filled with smoke, I could see the flicker of flames on the wall so I ran down the stairs and called the fire brigade from the house phone and alerted everyone else to the fire. My sister was still asleep upstairs on the floor in the next room to where the fire was so in a hurry we managed to get her across the landing safely and down the stairs. My brother was also in the bathroom opposite and when they were both down the stairs we got everyone including my grandparents out of the house safely. I don’t claim to be a hero in this story but on this day I was definitely in the right place at the right time. If I hadn’t of stayed over I know I would have lost everybody in that house. The fire brigade estimated that the fire was found approx 20 mins after it started smouldering. The smoke would have killed my brother and sister before the flames engulfed the house. I can say for sure that if my pregnancy had continued there is absolutely no way I would have been there, I would have been a few weeks off of due to give birth - I would not have camped on my sisters floor. At this point it all made sense. My hallucinations stopped and I now know that they were in fact premonitions. My mum has actually talked about similar experiences in the run up to the fire. She recalls a vivid dream in which she received a letter stating the electrics in the house were faulty and dangerous - it was so vivid that she has even considered that this may have actually happened but that she lost the letter. 
That series of events confirms for me that everything happens for a reason. I’m thankful that it all unfolded the way it did and I know that the signs I received in the run up were clues from the universe.
Feel free to tag me in it at @lovelythingsdaily
Love, Chelsea


Meditation relaxation 

I was teaching a yoga class and preparing the students for relaxation. We where in a beautiful Yoga space with vibrant energy. As I was sitting and giving instructions on the relaxation, my own body became very light and relaxed. My own voice became more faint and distant. I could feel something shift and then I realized that someone had been standing right next to me! My eyes were closed the whole time but I could feeel and in my mind see someone standing to the left of my body. 

I felt  and saw the presence of someone holding a staff with a light on the end of it or a lantern and wearing a long robe.

In my mind I was in a completely different setting.  I actually forgot where I was physically and my mind had adapted to the new environment I was experiencing. I thought there was a desk and a couple stands behind me in the room it felt so real! I thought to my self, " When I open my eyes im definitely going to see a lamp or a stand behind me" I was convinced that it was a part of the room and I must have just missed it. I could see trees and old buildings. 

I Felt like I was surrounded in a new space. I could feel my ego mind start to analyze and "try to figure out" what was happening. I reminded myself to just observer and be present with the experience. When I did this I saw the lantern burst open and lights begin to fly everywhere! I then saw the lights flow into a stand of DNA!  I was surprised when I opened my eyes to see nothing next to me! I could have sworn there was a stand in the room. But nothing was there just a wall. 

After class I was speaking with one of the students and explaining what happened to me. Her wyes became wide and she says Chris I saw and felt some one too! I wasn't going to say anything but since I know you did too I know we had a guide with us! She said she felt something brush across her to the point it made her shirt move. Another student then said that she also saw someone with a long robe and staff that had circle dark eyes start to dance in a peaceful motion and this brought her much comfort and a feeling of joyful peace.What made this experience amazing is that 3 people without prior knowledge of what was going to happen all experienced the same being at the same time! The first woman said she felt the male presence and it felt like someone from Egypt. I showed her a book I had just been reading right before I started to teach class and the book was... The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. She had no prior knowledge of Egypt and had know Idea i was reading the tablets. I trust this experience will show you the unlimited power you also have to make contact in a multidimensional way. With loveing Gratitude.